Jasmine Pasquill

This website features the journey of post-production artist, Jasmine Pasquill. Pasquill is not a photographer. In some instances the works featured here were collaborative via various post-production studios whom contracted Pasquill, all parties involved in the making of an image are credited.

Just two years before the turn of this century, Jasmine’s alma mater incepted the Digital Media department, it was without hesitation that she enlisted. Two decades of digital media might tell you that Jasmine’s second home may be Adobe Photoshop, for better and for worse. Upon graduating in 2000 she found herself interning in a photo studio marking the beginning of her digital imaging career.

Since moving to NYC in 2004, Pasquill entered the realm of high fashion/art photography via training with the industry’s best artists via Gloss Studio and Color Edge- amounted to 7 cumulative years of training with the pictures of the world’s most interesting and prolific living photographers. As a result of the combination of skills, talent and sheer number of years in the business, her work has landed in the pages of expensive and illustrious fashion magazines; from a swath of international Vogue magazines, the more avant-garde sect like Numéro and i-D, billboard projects from Paris to Mexico City, as well as collaborations with underground musicians for press and cover art.

Aesthetic aspects, like color and form are the most exhilarating, magical aspects Pasquill aspires to contribute; to make a picture unforgettable. If you seek a more personalized, inspired and charged artistic relationship- artist to artist, please begin the journey: jasmine@jasminepasquill.com